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Please click the link below to view our OFSTED page, where you can find our latest and past inspection reports.

Link: Heybrook OFSTED page

Some quotes from our latest OFSTED report:

  • The very large majority of parents and carers are supportive of the school describing it as caring, friendly and supportive.
  • Children are provided with a good start in the Early Years Foundation Stage and this is built on effectively throughout the rest of the school. The school has focused on raising attainment. This has been particularly successful as a result of now well-established whole-school approaches.
  • Attainment data are used well to monitor pupils’ progress and ensure teachers, parents and carers, and pupils know where there is underachievement.
  • Teaching is good overall, with some outstanding elements such as innovative approaches to collaborative learning. Staff are committed to building on their success and accelerating achievement for all. Pupils behave well and demonstrate positive attitudes to learning. They make good progress because teachers provide them with interesting opportunities to develop skills in reading, writing, communication and mathematics.
  • Leaders and managers, including members of the governing body, have strong aspirations for pupils’ progress and personal development. They monitor rigorously the work of the school and plan effectively. School self-evaluation is accurate. As a result the priorities in the school development plan focus sharply on the most important areas for improvement.
  • Teaching is effective because of the positive, caring relationships between all adults and pupils.
  • Teachers’ good subject knowledge underpins a good curriculum.
  • Pupils are typically considerate towards each other and are polite and courteous to adults.
  • Staff are well motivated, highly committed, and feel part of a good team.
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