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Newsletter 10th January 2020

Welcome back we hope everyone had a good holiday, there are lots of exciting things planned at Heybrook this term…


At Heybrook School, we have stopped doing dimensions. We have moved onto different, unique kinds of topic work, e.g Year 6 have been learning on the topic, The Suffragettes and their past topic was the conservation of animals.

Year 5 have been learning about Ancient Greece, their book is called Odysseus – about a Greek Myth by Homer of an Odysseus horrible business trip. Question – “What is important about democracy?”

Year 4 have been learning about The Early Islamic Civilization. Their question is “What has the early Islamic Civilization left for us?” Book – Pea Boy.

Year 3 have been learning about The Stone Age to The Iron Age. Their Question is “When do you think it will be better to live in – The Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age?” Their book is called UG.

Year 2 have been reading the book Rapunzel. Their question is “Should girls be treated differently to boys?”

Year 1 have been reading the book Secret Sky Garden and their question is “Who can change the world? Who can be the best leader?”

Reception have been learning about Chinese New Year and Africa. Their book is called Handa’s Surprise. They’ve also been learning about different cultures. Their Question is “How are we same, and how are we different?”

Moving on, each year group are going on different trips which they will most likely enjoy.

Year 6 are going on a Residential to Robinwood, Dobroyd Castle.

Year 2 are not going on a trip but a pantomime is coming to school and are putting on the show called Cinderella on the 10th of January, Friday. They will also have visitors coming into school and work on a workshop about inspiring women.

Year 4 are too having visitors on 20th February by Noisy Toys to provide an interactive science show.

Year 3 are going to Outdoor Elements on 30-31st January.

All years, over the Christmas holidays have been given some homework and they came back with excellent results and ideas. The homework for year 1 was to make a shoe box garden, for year 2 they made towers using recycled materials. For year 3, they got the task to craft storage shelters out of cardboard. Year 5 have researched on either a Greek God or a Greek Goddess and year 6 have made fantastic posters for women rights.

The curriculum is a good way of learning. I don’t think we should go back to dimensions; our current curriculum is exciting and was made by Mrs T. Moore.

Admission for September 2020 – A reminder that the closing date for Reception applications for September 2020 is coming up next Wednesday 15 January 2020.

Parents and carers must submit their applications before this date (if you have not submitted already) in order to maximise the chances of being offered a place of your first preference school.

Applications can be submitted online by visiting www.rochdale.gov.uk/schooladmissions<http://www.rochdale.gov.uk/schooladmissions> and the link to the portal for applying is https://parentportal.rochdale.gov.uk/web/portal/pages/parents/admissions

We raised £444.51 for Save the Children by wearing our Christmas Jumpers on the last day of term. Thank you for your support.

Year 5 started the term by experiencing a taste of Greek life. They wrote their name using the Greek alphabet, learnt a Greek dance and enjoyed some Greek food. It was a great sparkling start for our new topic; Ancient Greece.

Well done to our Stars of the Week!

Red – Ibrahim
Scarlet – Shumi
Crimson –   Nafisa
Orange – Samiyul
Amber – Humaira
Saffron –   Zeeshan
Yellow – Farhan
Buttercup –  Mareeha
Marigold – Ezekiel
Green –  Aiza
Emerald –  Afreen
Blue – Najam
Aqua – Hamza
Turquoise – Jaiyana
Indigo –  Hamza
Azure –  Amaaya
Lavender –  Raqeeb
Purple –Rimsha
Violet – Raja

Our Super Readers of the Week!

Red – Malaika
Scarlet – Keyaan
Crimson – Mustafa
Orange –  Aminah
Amber – Rania
Saffron –  Mishaal
Yellow –  Arshman
Buttercup – Saima
Marigold – Naisha
Green –  Fathima
Emerald – Marwa
Blue – Nahidha
Aqua – Hassan
Turquoise –  Layla
Indigo –  Umar
Azure – Yusuf
Lavender –  Sania
Purple – Ifrah
Violet –  Raena

Dates for your Diary

Y6 Robinwood residential – You may pay via Parentpay for the Y6 residential which will take place on 24th -26th April.

The Family Learning sessions will be held at the nursery, The sessions start at 9.00am

•         Early English (6 Weeks) – Monday 3rd February – 16th March (coffee morning 27th February)

•         Early Maths (6 Weeks) – Monday 8th June – 13th July (Coffee morning 1st June)

Was your child born between September 2015 and August 2017? If so we have a limited number of places for your 2, 3 and 4 year olds at our Nursery, please call 01706 645435 for more information.

 You can recycle all of your AAA, AA, C and D batteries in the battery container located in the foyer. Heybrook is trying to do its bit to help the environment and reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill. Did you know that these batteries in landfill sites can take 100 years to decompose?

Our School Uniform shop is now open, once you have made payments for school jumpers or book bags you can collect the items from the school office.  The link for the shop is https://app.parentpay.com/ParentPayShop/Uniform/Default.aspx?shopid=944

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