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Our vision is to provide all our pupils with the highest quality music curriculum that not only teaches the key knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the subject, but also instils a love and respect for music itself. For many of our children, music may not feature prominently in their lives whilst their opportunities to perform or play a musical instrument may be limited. We want to change this.


We believe that music can play an important role in a child’s personal development and that music can be a fantastic vehicle for creative and artistic expression. We are committed to providing opportunities for all children to compose, perform, appreciate and experience music from across the musical spectrum. We want our pupils to broaden their musical horizons and to experience a much wider variety of musical forms. We want our children to flourish under the guidance of specialist music teachers and to have the chance to excel in this exciting subject. Above all, we want our children to discover a joy and passion for music that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.



We aim to:

  • Inspire a love of music and a desire to pursue the study of music for its own sake
  • Nurture and encourage musical talent, particularly in those children who would not typically have the means and/or opportunities to do so
  • Teach key technical knowledge and skills such as singing, listening, composing, performing, musical history and other musical elements
  • Expose the children to a comprehensive diet of appropriate musical vocabulary and terminology
  • Utilise the expertise of the Rochdale Music Service to aid in the delivery of what is a highly-specialised subject
  • Support our children in learning how to play a musical instrument and to provide opportunities to perform
  • Foster an appreciation of music as well as an ability to analyse and evaluate music from across a range of genres, styles, traditions and historical periods
  • Enhance the music curriculum with an array of extra-curricular opportunities including band, choir, musical competitions and festivals
  • Provide opportunities to experience live musical performances and to visit musical venues


Curriculum map

Our curriculum map for music clearly sets out the sequence of learning in this subject:

Music Curriculum Map 2023-24



Our music policy provides further details on how the subject is organised:
Music Policy 2023-24


What our children say

I love when we get to play instruments and perform.


The ukuleles were my favourite instrument to play.


That was the best when we performed!


What it looks like