Heybrook Primary and Nursery

Heybrook Primary and Nursery School


Welcome to Reception. The classes and teachers are:

Crimson Class - Mr Battersby

Red Class - Miss Mc Hugh-Hill

Scarlet Class - Mrs Smith


Evidence Me 

In reception we use the website Evidence Me to show parents what fantastic work their child is doing at school. During lockdown, Evidence Me has become a really useful way to communicate with parents, so please do make sure you are signed up, as it is a useful way for you to contact the teachers too.  

To sign up you will need to send a valid email address to school and ask for it to be forwarded to one of the reception teachers, you will then be sent an email from Evidence Me (this might go in your ‘spam’ folder so make sure you look everywhere).

 This half term Reception have enjoyed learning more of our Phase 3 phonics and exploring our numbers to 10 and beyond.

 We have also enjoyed getting our garden ready for spring and planting lots of new seeds such as lettuce, beetroot, spinach and potatoes. We look forward to watching these grow and making some delicious food with these for us to try.




 Reception had a fantastic day celebrating St Patrick's Day and took part in some Irish dancing and made traditional soda bread.



Home Learning Spring 2021 

We are providing a range of learning for children during the 2021 Lockdown, please make sure you are accessing, at least some, of the following:  

  • Daily zoom sessions held with the reception staff. These include: a phonics session; a maths session; a literacy session with a focus on sentence writing; and a story-time session. Zoom details can be accessed by calling the school. If you are having technical issues please either call the school or get in contact with a teacher through Evidence Me. If you require a device, please contact the main school.  
  • Daily uploads on Evidence Me. We are using Evidence Me as a way of communicating with parents during this lockdown. Each day phonics and maths sessions, matched to the content staff teach on zoom, are uploaded with activities for children to complete at home.  

 *We also love to see the work children have been getting up to at home. Evidence Me has a ‘parent share’ feature so you can upload pictures and videos of your child working at home, which your child’s teacher will be able to view.  

  • Each week paper work-packs are available at the main school office. These are matched to what the children are learning over zoom that week. They are filled with activities to complete at home, and provide help to parents on how to teach children the lessons.  


Extra resources like: whiteboards, dry-wipe pens, pencils and playdough can be collected from the main school building. Please call before you go so they know you are coming.  

Zoom Expectations 

We are all looking forward to returning to the classroom, but making sure your children are making progress is something we are committed to, especially in this difficult time. Each day over zoom we continue to teach new content, as we would be doing in school. It is very important that when your child attends a zoom session they are prepared to learn. This means we would like to see your child: fully dressed, sitting up (preferably at a table) and fully equipped with a whiteboard and whiteboard pen.  

We appreciate that it is difficult managing home learning, especially if you have more than one child. All the reception teachers have had conversations with parents who are struggling with their child’s behaviour over zoom. The home learning environment is very different to school but here are some tips and tricks we use in school which may help your child if they are struggling:  

  • Introduce a sticker chart. We have included sticker charts in workpacks, and linked one over Evidence Me. Having a clear and consistent sticker chart may help your child concentrate with the promise of a reward.  
  • Following the zoom expectations: lying on a bed is not going to encourage the best of us to work our hardest. Sitting your child at the kitchen table, perhaps even in their uniform, will automatically help your child to focus and engage.  


What to expect, when? 

Below is a link to a really useful document which will help with mapping your child’s development with fun activities for areas where they might be struggling.