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Physical Education (PE) and Dance



Our PE and dance curriculum is structured so that our pupils are exposed to a comprehensive programme of knowledge, skills and sporting activities. We know that many of our children may have had very limited exposure to sport outside of school. We understand that this, in turn, may mean that many of our pupils have a limited understanding of sport / physical activities and can therefore be reluctant to pursue this in the future. With this in mind, we are steadfast in our ambition to inspire a lifelong love of sport and exercise in our children! Sport and physical activity are essential to helping our children maintain a healthy lifestyle and understand how to stay healthy. We also know that sport and exercise are equally important for our children's mental wellbeing so we strive to ensure that our curriculum offer supports this. The fact that PE and dance can enhance our school's SMSC teaching and help to develop our children's personal qualities is yet more evidence of its importance. 



We aim to:

  • Inspire positive attitudes towards exercise and, ultimately, inspire a lifelong love of sport
  • Ensure all pupils develop the fundamental knowledge and skills to excel in a wide range of sports and physical activities
  • Educate our children in what it means to be healthy and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Use sport to support our pupils' wider SMSC development, including moral qualities such as respect and fair play as well as essential social skills such as communication and teamwork
  • Boost our children's self-confidence, self-esteem and general wellbeing through the medium of sport and exercise
  • Promote a curriculum that is inclusive and will ensure that pupils of all abilities and backgrounds can succeed
  • Provide opportunities for healthy competition both in and outside of school (e.g. inter-school competitions)
  • Offer a range of extra-curricular sporting activities for our children to enjoy
  • Make links to the wider curriculum with a view to building our children's schema of knowledge


Curriculum map

Our curriculum map for PE clearly sets out the sequence of learning in this subject:

PE and Dance Curriculum Map 2023-24



Our PE policy provides further details on how the subject is organised:
PE and Dance Policy 2023-24


What our children say

You get to go on different teams and socialise with new people.


It impacts on your physical and your mental health. You can always go for a run if you're mad or stressed.


PE helps you with learning how to work in a team.


I like winning!


I love PE because you get some exercise whilst having fun.


We all really enjoy when we have our lessons outside.


If you don't get a lot of exercise, your muscles will be weak and you'll be unhealthy.


What it looks like

PE at Heybrook