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If you would like to contact Heybrook Primary school please use the details below:


Heybrook Primary School                              Telephone:   01706 647201
Park Road                                                               E-mail:   office@heybrook.org
OL12 9BJ

When phoning the school your call will be answered by either Mrs Khan, Mrs Sheikh, Mrs Ali or Miss Gibson.
If phoning for the pastoral manager the call will be answered by Mrs Ahmad.

If you would like to contact Heybrook Nursery please use the details below:


Heybrook Nursery                                     Telephone:    01706 645435
South Street                                                      E-mail:    office@heybrook.org
OL16 2EP

When phoning the nursery your call will be answered by Mrs Sheridan.

If you have any questions about special educational needs and the provision which Heybrook provides please contact the school and ask to speak to Mrs Berry the school SENCO.

If you would like paper copies of any of the information on our website or cannot find the answer to your query please contact the office at Heybrook Primary School by using one of the above methods. We will then be able to direct your question, or please call in and see our Pastoral Manager, Mrs Ahmed.

Teachers are always happy to meet with parents / guardians to discuss the progress, attainment or needs of a child and often this can be arranged impromptu. However, as many members of staff are often involved in after school clubs or meetings we would encourage you to contact the school in advance to arrange an appointment.

If you would like more information on admission arrangements please contact the school or view our Admissions Policy.

we value your opinions and ideas, please feel free to contact us if you have any comments and concerns. Providing you have a child at Heybrook and an email address you can also now help us promote our excellent work through Parent View.

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