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At Heybrook school the teaching of English is child centred with a focus on enabling every pupil to achieve their full potential. Pupils from Early Years Foundation Stage to the end of Year 6 take part in daily English lessons.

In Early Years the focus is on developing early speaking, reading and writing skills. The stimulating classrooms and school environment provides a spring board for child initiated learning, as do the weekly visits to our forest school.

Daily phonics sessions take place from Early Years through to Key Stage 2 using the DfE Letters and Sounds programme. In these sessions children are taught the key phonics skills needed to read and spell successfully.

From Year 1 to 6 English lessons focus on speaking & listening, grammar, punctuation and spelling as well as developing writing skills. Teachers aim to make lessons fun with skills taught in context with plenty of opportunities to put these into practice through fortnighly ‘Big Write’ sessions.

Additionally, daily guided reading sessions take place for Y1 – Y6. In these sessions both fluency and comprehension (understanding and the ability to answer questions about what they have read) are taught. All children take home reading books and are expected to read at home every day. Home reading records are provided and teachers find it very helpful if parent include a short comment about their child’s reading.

Book weeks take place annually and these usually include a visit from a children’s author.

Finally, to ensure that all children succeed we provide additional daily individual or small group sessions to support children’s learning using the Project X Code and Phonics Count programmes.

If you would like any further details about English at Heybrook, or to discuss your child’s progress in the subject, please feel free to contact the school and ask to speak to Mr Doyle.

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