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Our aim is to make geography as enjoyable as possible. Therefore our aim is for the lessons to be creative and practical; often outside the classroom exploring geography first hand.

Geography and history often share the same teaching slot within the weekly timetable. The different areas and skills in the geography curriculum have been divided into topics. Each half term the children will either complete a history topic or a geography topic and these will alternate. The arrangement for Year 6 is different – all geography studies will be completed after the SATs in May and children will have blocked times for their topics and projects.

For each topic, the class teacher will make a judgement on a child’s achievement based on a number of specific key skills in that topic. At the end of the year, these judgements will feed in to an overall assessment for the year – based on our Green, Yellow and Red assessment system. We show the children’s attainment against two criteria:
1) National expectations.
2) How hard they have worked in their lessons over the year.

You can help your child by encourage them to get outside – to the river bank, the canal or into the woods. Hollingworth Lake and Healey Dell both offer places where children can experience nature and the environment first-hand. Search the internet for geography related material, explore Google Maps, look out for Planet Earth and Blue Planet on TV or take out an atlas from the library.

If you would like any further details about Geography at Heybrook, or to discuss your child’s progress in the subject, please feel free to contact the school and ask to speak to Miss Mitchell.

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