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All children at Heybrook School take part in history lessons. At Heybrook we timetable at least 12 hours per school year of subject specific teaching and learning. In addition to this, history is also included in lessons like literacy, computing and philosophy where history is the vehicle for learning.

Within history we look at developing two main things: firstly, the knowledge and understanding of history which focuses on events and time periods which have had an effect on the current day and secondly, the skills necessary to become a good historian for example – chronology, time lines and examining sources of evidence.

The children are encouraged to take part in interactive lessons where they are able to handle artifacts and look at pictures/documents from times gone by. History is about the children developing the desire to find out about different time periods and the ability to conduct their investigations using sources of evidence.

The new National Curriculum came into place in September 2014 and the topics the children will be studying are as follows:

  • Year 1: The Royal family and Castles/the Victorian era including famous Victorians and Victorian toys.
  • Year 2: The Great Fire of London and World War II/Famous authors and explorers.
  • Year 3: Early Civilisations – Egyptians and Greeks.
  • Year 4: Stone Age to Iron Age/Romans
  • Year 5: Anglo Saxons, Early Islamic Civilisations and a local study linked to the Victorian era.
  • Year 6: The Viking and Anglo Saxon struggle for England and Tudor Explorers.

In addition to the above topics, children will also learn about significant events, for example The Queen’s Jubilee or the centenary celebrations for the end of WW1. To enhance the learning in history, children will be taking part in various visits/trips linked to their history topic.

If you would like any further details about history at Heybrook, or to discuss your child’s progress in the subject, please feel free to contact the school and ask to speak to Mrs Berry.

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