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Music teaching at Heybrook improves the breadth, depth and quality of musical understanding and response for all pupils. All pupils have the opportunity to play a musical instrument; have a good working knowledge of musical notation; and, are involved in stimulating lessons that involve singing, composing and performance. All our pupils have a timetabled weekly music lesson lasting at least 45 minutes which is led by a music specialist. After school music clubs are a key feature of our provision.

In Key Stage One pupils are involved in a range of musical activities that combine performing, composing and thinking about music. Pupils listen to a range of live and recorded music from different times and cultures.
In Key Stage Two pupils are involved in the above and use a range of Information Technology skills as a tool to develop musical understanding-to capture, change and combine sounds.

All children in Year 4 have an instrument, as part of the Wider Access Participation project. Any child who demonstrates a flair for music is provided with individual instrument tuition and an instrument.

The school is an active participant in festivals and competitions. Our talented and melodic choir has taken part in the Rochdale Festival of Youth and the Rochdale Festival of Performing Arts. In conjunction with our IPLCN (Inspirational Professional Learning Community network) of local schools, a calendar of school events takes place-such as the IPLCN Song festival and the IPLCN instrumental festival.

Parents can support their children’s music education by taking an active interest in our provision. The curriculum content is as follows:

Foundation Stage
To sing with a feel for pitch
To gain confidence in using instruments
To develop a musical memory
To respond to different styles/genres of music

Year One
To play a simple musical pattern
To sing tunefully
To gain experience of correct handling/playing
To choose and arrange sounds to create a scene

Year Two
To explore long and short sounds
To explore pitch
To explore timbre, tempo and dynamics
To explore pulse and rhythm
To explore instruments and symbols

Year Three
To explore rhythm and notation
To use tuned and untuned percussion
To use appropriate music vocabulary
To explore, notate and perform music from other cultures and for celebrations
To play from memory
Take part in rhythm games, use tuned and untuned accompaniments and read notation

Year Four
Involvement in Wider Opportunities programme using musical instruments
Develop aural technique
Recognise different rhythms
Recognise and understand musical notation-stave, treble, clef, bar lines
Recognise and control changes in pitch
Build confidence in performing in a group to others
Ensemble performance and solo

Years Five and Six
Play and sing musically with increasing confidence and control
Develop and understanding of musical composition, organising and using ideas within musical structures
Use staff and other musical notations
Play, improvise and compose music in groups using tuned and untuned percussion
Listen with attention to detail to appraise peer group performances
Appreciate and understand a wide range of high quality live and recorded music from different world and historical traditions

If you would like any further details about music at Heybrook, or to discuss your child’s progress in the subject, please feel free to contact the school and ask to speak to Mrs Hussain.

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