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Our children need to make the most of their time at Heybrook Primary School, to do this we make every effort to make sure your child is as settled and happy as possible; that they are well and that they attend school every day. We know that during their primary school years every day counts!

At Heybrook we are lucky to have a Pastoral Manager: Usma Ahmed. Mrs Ahmed works with teachers and parents to make sure your child is in school and learning as well as possible by identifying any issues or areas of concern.

Usma acts as a link bringing families, outside agencies and the school together.  This process is called Early Help. The agencies she works with include:

• School nurses/Health Visitors
• Education Welfare Officer
• Social Services
• Housing Services
• Youth and Community Police
• Children’s Centre
• Citizens Advice Bureau
• Women’s Support Services
• Counselling Services

Usma is easily accessible in school and is here to help you with any issues which may be affecting your child’s education. If you need any help or advice please contact:

Usma Ahmed (Pastoral Manager)
01706 647201

She will make an appointment to see you in school, arrange to make a home visit or you can drop in and see her any morning between 8.30 and 9.30am.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s attendance please either contact Mrs Ahmed or see our Attendance Policy.

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